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Beenius Partners with Incospec to Deliver Best of Breed Interactive TV Solutions to Operators in the Canadian and Caribbean markets

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Ljubljana, Slovenia and Montreal, Canada – September 4, 2013 – Beenius, the most progressive Interactive TV middleware provider in Europe, and Incospec Communications, a leading-edge solution provider in North America, partner to deliver advanced Interactive TV services to Operators in the Canadian and Caribbean markets.

Beenius continues its international development strategy and brings its Interactive TV technology and most advanced TV services platform to the North American markets by partnering with a leading-edge solution provider with over 35 years track record in the area of project integration.Incospec has already deployed one live IPTV system using the Beesmart middleware platform and is currently working on a few other IPTV deployments. "We have been pleased with the support and responsiveness of the Beenius team," said Mario Sebastiani, CEO at Incospec.

"For several years, we have been looking for an IPTV middleware solution that offered the best price/performance. I strongly feel we have made the right choice in partnering with Beenius. We have been impressed with Beesmart’s openness, as well as its full features, flexibility (adaptable platform), and GUI. Our industry is changing rapidly and Beesmart is the right center stage solution for next generation TV delivery".

"Beesmart IPTV/OTT platform today meets the requirements of future oriented operators where openness of the ecosystem and simple customization enables them to provide features and services that drive sustainable growth," said Filip Remskar, CEO at Beenius. "By partnering with Incospec for the Canadian and Caribbean Market, we continue our international development strategy. With more than 30 years of system integration experience, we feel they have the right know-how and resources to accurately address the needs of the customers."


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