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Beesmart products

Beesmart Products

Beenius delivers only top quality products, knowledge and professional services that enable you to establish attractive IPTV, Cable and Over-the-Top interactive television service. The success of your service and satisfaction of your customers is always our first concern. Take advantage of Beesmart, SRM and Beenius Academy and design your personal TV service that will perfectly fit your needs and will exceed all your customer expectations.

Beesmart Pro

Beesmart Pro is state-of-the-art and feature-rich middleware ideal for all IPTV and cable operators, ISPs and Over-the-Top service providers who want to increase their competitive edge and deliver their customers attractive TV service.

Beenius Academy

Beenius Academy will provide you with all needed knowledge and answer how to deliver a quality and successful TV service. Our group of professionals and respectable partners, with years of experience in the field of interactive TV, will support you and help you at your efforts to deliver a successful TV service.

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