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Beesmart 3.0 Lite

In last three years, Beesmart Lite has grown, to have over 5,000 downloads per year and has become the most deployed free TV middleware in the world. It helps numerous service operators to start the service quickly and with minimal financial risks. This demand encourages the company to improve the product each year and produce the best free middleware solution for start-ups and enthusiasts. Open API enables developers to develop and connect any client terminal of their choice to the Beesmart Lite, and use its services. Developers can now design their own Graphical User Interface or develop new applications for different terminals like STB, PC, smart phones, tablets, and more.

Beesmart 3.0 Lite brings support for additional STB devices enabling you to test Beesmart with wide range of STB devices. Supported STB devices in the Beesmart Lite release are:

Basic support for OTT is included in the Beesmart Lite enabling you to test HTTP or HLS streaming for Live TV channels and VOD. In addition to that several improvements were made to the automatic installation to be even easier and more reliable. We have included some suggestions and common issues that were reported on the Beesmart Lite forum in order to improve your experience with Beesmart Lite. In that sense, the documentation, including installation instructions and FAQ section were extended.

Feel free to download Beesmart 3.0 Lite and launch your own IPTV service today.

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Beesmart Lite is a free IPTV middleware package for quick and safe IPTV deployments. If you need to setup your own IPTV environment or if you would like to deploy your own IPTV middleware today, then Beesmart Lite package is the right choice. The package is particularly useful for technically skilled operators and system integrators, who are seeking for easy accessible platform which can be successfully used in pilot projects and also in first stages of commercial projects. All you need to do is to insert Beesmart Lite DVD into a dedicated server and reboot.

The whole package is installed almost automatically in just 30 minutes, without tedious configurations of operating system, network cards, application server, database and even IPTV middleware itself. Beesmart Lite installation package consists of CentOS operating system, Oracle XE relational database, JBoss application server, Apache web server and Beesmart Lite middleware. All mentioned software packages are installed and configured automatically, and after successful installation the Beesmart Lite middleware is running and is ready to use.

Beesmart Lite installation is automatic and straightforward. However, it can become tricky in some HW environments (e.g. VMWare) and requires additional knowledge on the system level. In case of issues, please check the FAQ section and Beesmart Lite forum or send the question to the Beesmart Lite forum.

Recommended technical knowledge and competences for successful Beesmart Lite installation:

  • good Linux knowledge
  • good IP network knowledge
  • experiences in IPTV field
  • experiences with VoD systems and STB devices
  • experiences with SW products and applications

After successful Beesmart Lite installation you need to connect STB devices. Select the STB type from one of the supported devices. Beesmart Lite does not include STB installation. You should contact STB vendor or their local representative to provide you correct SW and instructions for configuring the STB. Don't forget to mention to STB vendor that you are running Beesmart Lite release. Please check the STB section for more details.

Beesmart Lite contains the most desired features needed for a sophisticated TV experience. There are five hundred end-user licenses included in the package together with extensible documentation to help installing, configuring and running the system. There is also a safe migration path defined for users, who would later on like to switch from Lite to Beesmart Pro and gain extended features, more end-user licenses, SW support and regular upgrades. Please contact us at and we will be glad to help you.

In case that Beesmart Lite functionalities are not enough for your demonstration or that you are having issues you can't solve, you can always contact us for a full Beesmart Demo installation with full set of attractive features at Please note that Beesmart Lite does not include SW support with the SLA as does the Beesmart Pro. Beesmart Lite comes as is. In case of issues, you can check the FAQ section, Beesmart Lite documentation or the Beesmart Lite forum. Please read the installation instructions and the FAQ section carefully before you start the Beesmart Lite installation.



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