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The building block to enable interactive TV over your cable network with minimal network upgrades.

Are you losing customers because you do not provide interactive TV?

Are you concerned about declining margins on linear broadcast TV?

Are you looking for ways to increase your ARPU?

We believe SRM is the ideal solution for the cable operators in this situation. It enables interactive TV in cable environment, requires minimum upgrades of the existing network and utilizes the entire broadband capability provided by the HFC network.

SRM enables the cable operator to deliver interactive content over the DVB-C network path to the hybrid STB. Together with Beesmart this is the ideal interactive TV solution for cable operators which get a state of the art interactive TV solution.

SRM technical overview

BeeSmart technical overview


  1. SRM enables interactive TV in cable environment. The cable operator gains new competitive services and increases ARPU from value-added services.
  2. SRM is compatible with The Cable Labs standard for Modular Headend Architectures. This enables a wide range of potential component suppliers, which puts you in a good negotiating condition when you are upgrading or scaling your system.
  3. SRM solution is a cost effective interactive TV for cable operator. There are minimum network upgrades required.
  4. SRM follows a modular architecture. The customer can combine arbitrary IPTV components with SRM. It can be installed as a separate system or as s a complete system for interactive TV including Beesmart ITV.



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