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Beenius delivers powerful middleware and help you design the whole end2end solution for cable networks.

Beesmart solutions for cable operators give you the same level of interactivity like it is available in pure IP network environments. The same components can be used for a cable networks solution and other network environments like fibre to the home, mobile and xDSL environments.

Why Beesmart for interactive TV on cable?

Customer does not need to worry about being locked-in with specific vendor any more. Our approach is a careful selection and optimal combination of products and services for you. Selected products can be upgraded or replaced anytime on your request.

Differentiation of the service is important for your success! We offer you a long term support for customizations and additional development of the service.

You should be able to grow the service easily in every aspect. Scalability and flexibility are your assurances of long term investment.

What is in the package?

After you have Beesmart in place, you can select products from Beesmart solutions package. You can choose from turnkey solutions to individual products to complete your own ecosystem.

Beesmart solutions covers all areas to deliver interactive TV services in hybrid fibre-coax environments:

  • Signal receiving
  • Video encoding
  • Digital rights management
  • Signal Encryption
  • Set-top boxes – hybrid DVB-C/IP or pure IP
  • Content on demand with services like Time Shift TV and recordings
  • Operation and business support system integration
  • Monitoring system
  • Professional services
  • Beenius Academy

The whole system is completed together with our partners and is flexible in any way.



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