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Multiscreen and Social TV features

Beenius has a wide range of client apps that cover every type of user screen: TV, smartphone, tablet, and computer. The user can consume content on different screens, different devices at different times or even at the same time. Furthermore, the user can use mobile devices to simply search, discover, and research content and then open and watch it on a TV screen.

With the Beenius Interactive TV Platform, the service provider can build many different business scenarios combining different client apps:

  •   IPTV only on STBs
  •   IPTV with OTT on mobile devices
  •   OTT only on mobile devices
  •   OTT only on STBs and/or Smart TVs powered by Android
  •   OTT only on Smart TVs powered by Android
  •   OTT on STBs, Smart TVs powered by Android, and mobile devices