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An open letter to the industry…


Imagine how it must have been for pioneers like Philo Taylor Farnsworth and Vladimir Zworykin, the inventors of the television. They knew that they had discovered something remarkable, something that would change the society. I bet they dreamt of placing their inventions in hands of every human, so that each person could enjoy it and maybe even contribute to the development of the whole idea. Yet these two gentlemen were living in “analog” times, when this was literally impossible to achieve.

Namely, the spread of this conceptual product was proportionally dependant on the costs of its distribution. Instead of including every interested individual or a company from the very start, the industry had to accumulate enough value (or trust) beforehand to cover the distribution costs.

This was a hard and also a very slow approach. The first customers took huge risks, which consequentially required strong trust. But trust was hard to acquire, because they could only try out what they purchased after they had made their buying decision (or after they had covered the distribution costs).

Let us move to present time. For several reasons, we should consider ourselves being lucky for living in the “digital” era. The particular reason that I want to point out is the possibility of a more efficient and above all a fairer business approach when launching new products on the market, in particular those, which are implemented in software technology.

Software products have this nice feature that their distribution costs are close to zero, which consequently opens possibilities for new business models. It is easier for a vendor to lend the product to the buyer until that product has proven its function and value for the buyer itself. It is also easier to massively distribute it and include third parties to collaborate or even extend its function for another purpose.

At Beesnius we believe that new models of distribution embody an exceptional opportunity for us and our partners to bring interactive TV of the future right to the doorstep of a modern society. By this we mean that we have the ability to quickly engage a significant group of companies to help us on our mission. One of our contributions to the world is Beesmart LITE, a free TV starter package, for those companies who have the vision, determination, enthusiasm and manpower to help us along the way in making this world a more interesting place. It is a noble and yet demanding mission where every bit of help is welcome.

On the other hand, we have partners who are already strong and are looking for a fully featured product with an extensible support. The importance of having these partners is vital as they are giving our mission the key initial push and the stamina to develop the product and grow the community further. Our contribution for these strong partners is a complete Beesmart software suite, which contains the right ingredients to immediately deploy a very competitive interactive TV service.

We do this, because we believe in greater meaning of our mission, where every contribution counts – may it be big or small.  At the same time we are aware that large projects require different approaches than small ones. We are lucky enough that we can provide the value for both. Denying the service to anyone of these groups would be a waste of potential, based on old-fashioned principles.

If you believe in creating a better world with interactive visual communications, then welcome to the club. Together we are stronger!

Matjaž Bevk, CEO

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