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Modern Apps on Modern Platforms

Regardless of the operating system, the Beenius apps provide an enjoyable, consistent and reliable user experience.

Beenius Android TV Custom Launcher

Android TV Custom Launcher

A platform that will change the game for TV operators.

If access to a world of content, control over the environment, content-driven UI and fast go to market implementation is something you are searching for, do not hesitate to contact us!


We are offering new AOSP application that is sharing foundations with Android TV Custom Launcher. We are bringing main novelties and advantages from Android TV to AOSP.

Also existing STBs can be used (from v8-Oreo)

Installer module brings additional apps to the STB. The app library is provided and managed by the operator.

Android TV App

We are also offering a standalone Android TV app, that can be accessed through the Google Play Store on Android TV and can be installed on any Android TV (8+) device with access to Google Play store, including Smart TVs. We support D-pad remote control, which means that every Android TV Remote will work with o app.


The platform fully supports Linux-based STBs and allows simple migration to other service types, such as Android-based. It offers rich functionality: multi-user interface with authorization, T-Commerce, Targeted Advertising, live TV with catch-up, horizontal EPG, VOD library, VOD play-out with standard trick play options, recordings, show reminders, content recommendations and search, help, preference settings, etc.

Iskon Recommendation Dashboard


Suitable for OTT setup, Beenius mobile applications deliver the viewer’s preferred content on their mobile phones, ready to be consumed on the go. Whether they are using iOS or Android tablets or smartphones, the user experience remains consistent.

Web App

Suitable for OTT setup, with rich functionality and simple interface, the Beenius Web App provides access to the service provider’s content in web browsers on all modern operating systems. Enjoy your favorite TV shows through a web browser, with the same advanced user experience as other Beenius client applications.

Chromecast Support
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Chromecast support

The platform supports Google Chromecast for enjoyable and simple content consumption. End-users can use their mobile device or tablet as remote control and enjoy selected content on a big TV screen.

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