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Customer: ASTRO STROBEL Kommunikationssysteme GmbH (Germany)
Project: encoLine IPTV service




EncoLine GmbH, one of the leading telecommunications operators in Thüringen, is using an interactive TV System (IPTV) from ASTRO Strobel Kommunikationssyteme GmbH since April 2011.

ASTRO deployed the solution for EncoLine in partnership with Ovation, an IPTV system integrator, and Beenius, a TV service platform manufacturer. Beesmart middleware, provided by Beenius, became an integral part of EncoLine’s interactive TV System. Beesmart empowered this IPTV solution with a set of functionalists, including live TV, EPG, video recording, and a personalized graphical user interface. Beesmart’s features, such as video and media libraries, along with EncoLine’s high volume TV services are set to play a key role in the growth of IPTV services in the future.

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