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Service operators and solution providers, welcome to booth no. V31 in hall 10level 1, where you will have an opportunity to find out how you can win a competitive edge on your market using proven products from an experienced partner.

Beesmart was chosen by several Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators to provide a complete technical background for their interactive TV offering. We have a selection of products and trainings available to help you build your market advantage. We are especially proud of open and scalable application platform Beesmart middleware, which you can utilize and customize to provide a truly distinctive TV service for your customers.

You will have the opportunity to test-drive the latest release Beesmart 3.2, which is packed with exciting new features; like targeted advertising and home multimedia sharing. Do not hesitate to ask our personnel to explain and demonstrate them for you!

You will also have the first opportunity to acquire a  refreshed distribution of Beesmart LITE based on version 3.2.  Beesmart LITE  is a free IPTV middleware software package, which is available for commercial use as well.  The new distribution will be released just before IP&TV World Forum and will be first available to visitors at our booth.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Angacable 2011, booth no. V31 in hall 10, level 1.

Do not hesitate and email info@beesmart.tv to book an appointment with our personnel or to request further

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