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Service operators and solution providers, do not miss Beenius at IBC this year! You will have an outstanding opportunity to learn how you can gain your competitive edge on the market using the latest innovations from an agile enterprise turning into a fast growing worldwide movement.


Beesmart was chosen by several Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators to provide a complete technical background for their interactive TV offering. We have a selection of products and trainings available to help you build your market advantage. We are especially proud of open and scalable application platform Beesmart middleware, which you can utilize and customize to provide a truly distinctive TV service for your customers.

At the show, you will have a complete Beesmart platform set up for testing from back office to end-user frontend. Please pay attention much improved Beesmart SDK toolset, which makes development of your own widgets simpler and faster. The featured platform will contain a number of custom widgets developed by our community. Try them out firsthand or ask our personnel to explain and demonstrate them for you!

While Beesmart 4.0 is just around the corner, the current version 3.2 is getting more and more happy users every day. At the show you will be able to test-drive the current version, and hear the insights of the next version 4.0, which is scheduled for release in November 2011.

Beesmart runs on a large number of set-top-boxes, PCs and smart phones. We will bring all compatible platforms to the show and hook them up with Beesmart. Do not miss the outstanding opportunity to experience the behavior and performance of all platforms in one place.

Gain FREE entry to IBC2011 with ticket number: 16165. With this ticket you will receive a 5 day travel pass. Log on to www.ibc.org/registration and enter the customer ticket code shown.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the IBC 2011, booth no. 281 in hall 13.

Do not hesitate and email info@beenius.tv to book an appointment with our personnel or to request further information!

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