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Features of the Month


eBook: Beenius Value Added Features

Beenius Interactive TV Platform is dedicated to providing advanced and user-oriented TV system for operators and service providers. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional

FOM: Content as a Service

Beenius offers Content as a Service to help operators smooth the process of premium content acquiring and delivering and enables operators to add thousands of must-view movies and shows without costly operational expenses but with many benefits.
Download the flyer and check more details!

FOM-Offline viewing

FOM: Offline Viewing

With the Beenius Interactive TV Platform, viewers can enjoy their favorite TV content
on the go. With Offline Viewing feature, viewers can watch their favorite content even if there is no active internet connection! Read more about latest FOM – Offline Viewing in the latest news.

FOM: Multiple VOD Libraries

With the Beenius Interactive TV Platform, operators can configure and enable multiple VOD libraries to either group similar VOD content into separate libraries, or bundle mixed content with TV channels and provide multiple subscription packages to offer up-sell or cross-sell to the existing line of subscription packages.

FOM: Thumbnail Preview

FOM: Thumbnail Preview

With the Beenius Interactive TV Platform, operators can configure and enable client applications to show thumbnail image preview of the selected playout position
when seeking throughout the content timeline.


FOM: Content Provisioning System

Today we present Feature of the Month: Content Provisioning System in cooperation with our partner Qualabs. Download the document today and learn how to automate the VOD ingest process effortlessly.

binge continuous play

FOM: Binge Watching & Continuous Play

Today we present Feature of the Month: Binge watching & continuous play. Download the document today and learn the benefits for the operators and the subscribers!

FOM Beenius Kids Mode

FOM: Kids Mode

Kids Mode is a viewing mode within the Beenius Interactive TV Platform that is modified to be appropriate for young children. Learn what you can do as an operator and what it enables to your younfg viewers,. Download the document today!

Concurent Stream Limitiations

FOM: Concurrent Streaming Limitations

As an operator, being able to control the concurrent streams of your content prevents the missuse of your services by your viewers.
In this Feature of the month series we present: Concurrent Streaming Limitations. Download the document for more information, today!