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    binge continuous play

    FOM: Binge Watching & Continuous Play

    Today we present Feature of the Month: Binge watching & continuous play. Download the document today and learn the benefits for the operators and the subscribers!

    Martin Žorz interview

    Beenius Exclusive Interviews

    Beenius presents an exclusive interview series. The first interview is with Mr. Martin Žorž VP Sales- Americas and his view on the TV industry developments in LATAM and other regions in 2021.

    FOM Beenius Kids Mode

    FOM: Kids Mode

    Kids Mode is a viewing mode within the Beenius Interactive TV Platform that is modified to be appropriate for young children. Learn what you can do as an operator and what it enables to your younfg viewers,. Download the document today!

    Beenius Webinars - featured header

    Beenius Webinars

    WEBINAR: Behind-the-scenes: Insights into the new virtual video industry era!

    The industry is facing almost an year of no in-person trade shows or in-person customer meetings.
    Beenius, together with our partners Bitmovin, Broadpeak, Castoola, will address the unspoken consequences and challenges the industry is curently facing on a webinar ” Behind-the-scenes: Insights into the new virtual video industry era”.

    Concurent Stream Limitiations

    FOM: Concurrent Streaming Limitations

    As an operator, being able to control the concurrent streams of your content prevents the missuse of your services by your viewers.
    In this Feature of the month series we present: Concurrent Streaming Limitations. Download the document for more information, today!

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