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Understand your subscribers News

Do you really understand your subscribers?

As the TV market gets saturated with various offers and promotions, big amount of content tailored to the viewers’ needs and availability on various devices, the churn rate keeps on growing.

The question that logically follows is, Do OTT providers really know and care about their subscribers?

YouTube TV

YouTube TV Price Jumps Up

When YouTube TV first burst onto the scene, it was a welcomed alternative to traditional cable models. Providing much of the same service for a very appealing price, it is no wonder so many people decided to switch over to the service.
However, since April 2019 Youtube TV increased the price for their offering twice, because of expanding their portfolio of available TV Channels. Read all about it in Beenius latest artile.

Netflix Beenius News

Netflix exceeds high expectations

We all know Netflix. And most of us consume Netflix content on daily basis.
How that reflects to the growth in their subscribers is elaborated in our new Beenius Indiustry News. read it today!


Pay-TV operators set to gain subscribers by 2025

According to a study conducted by Digital TV Research that surveyed 502 operators with 732 platforms across 135 countries, the pay-TV operators are estimated to increase their subscribers’ base and consequently grow their revenues. The gains will primarily come from operators outside the world’s top tier of pay-TV providers.
Read the summary of the report in our new Beenius news.

Google's Return to Android TV Hardware

Google’s Return to Android TV Hardware

Currently, Google holds the most significant video platform globally and is now trying to compete for one of the essential video screens – home television. We cover the latest novelties the second-generation Chromecast brings, read our new article today!

Beenius news-transformation

The digital transformation of Communication Service Providers

We live in an era where digitalization is inevitable and is rapidly applied to every aspect of our lives.
But how do Communication Service Providers approach the whole digital transformation?
In our new article, we cover the digital transformation of Communication Service Providers and the progress of the process.

Beenius Webinars - featured header

Beenius Webinars

WEBINAR: Behind-the-scenes: Insights into the new virtual video industry era!

The industry is facing almost an year of no in-person trade shows or in-person customer meetings.
Beenius, together with our partners Bitmovin, Broadpeak, Castoola, will address the unspoken consequences and challenges the industry is curently facing on a webinar ” Behind-the-scenes: Insights into the new virtual video industry era”.

5G - The Next Great Thing

5G: The Next Great Thing?

Wireless technology has been evolving rapidly in the last decade. We no longer tolerate slow buffering speeds and long download times. We are living in a time where our access to streaming high-quality videos and movies is almost universal.
In the latest Industry news by Beenius, we talk about 5G and Wireless technology. Read the news today.

OTT as a Strategy

Approaching OTT as a Strategy

Nowadays Operators’ challenges Operators nowadays are facing many challenges, the biggest one being the churn rate.  The question imposes, what churn rate can they expect

TV and Video Scenery by 2030

TV and Video Scenery by 2030

The current TV and video market are going through a period of vast change. In this report, some trends have been reliably identified as strong ones that will continue long into the future, while other patterns have huge uncertainties surrounding their ability to continue. Four separate scenarios for the future landscape of the TV and video world have been modeled, from the rise of the creators to the revenge of national broadcasters. Read Beenius latest blog and learn more.

The future of OTT

The Future of OTT

Consumers are getting new and exciting ways of tuning in to their favorite video content across different categories ranging from sports, movies, news, and to much more. Undoubtedly, the unprecedented growth in technology has made sure that content viewing does not remain as it has been conventionally. Read Beenius post on the future of OTT for more insights about the topic.

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