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5G is already transforming the way we live, including the way we conduct business operations and consume digital content. The development of technology has also contributed to the growing demand for fast and convenient internet access. With 5G connectivity on its way, we can expect improvements when it comes to content consumption and connectivity.

Constant technological improvement enhances the quality of digital products. Back then, downloading small files was a hassle due to slow internet speed. The situation we have today is drastically different since we can now watch full-HD videos in real-time without delays. Better technical equipment is a prerequisite for increased network loading. Fortunately, 5G connectivity possesses all the requirements needed to attain this goal. This network connection innovation will provide more opportunities for advertisers as well. The general viewing experience will significantly improve with the help of this next-generation connectivity. Keeping this in mind, it would not be surprising if we see more video content creators in the future.

On top of that, the implementation of 5G will perhaps solve issues many users are currently experiencing. Another notable improvement area is the OTT environment. Considering that around 4 billion hours’ worth of OTT content gets consumed in the US per week, 5G will bring even more opportunities for advancement.

How Will 5G Affect the OTT Industry?

This next-gen, faster connectivity will affect several domains within the entertainment industry, including music, VR video, OTT content interaction, multi-game streaming, and more. However, the effects that 5G intends to bring will probably take time before they get fully established. For those who want to become a content producer, this better connection will allow them to accomplish their goal without the need for extensive equipment and huge investments. They will be able to deliver the content to their target audience much more efficiently than before.

The advantages of 5G connectivity will also benefit advertisers. It will bring ad latency down to about a millisecond, eliminating the buffering problem that many customers experience. One of the biggest things to look out for is the Fixed Wireless Access-based video transmission. Aside from this remarkable improvement, we can anticipate the arrival of HD video and the extension of video delivery as well. As viewership and screen sizes increase, those who belong in the OTT industry should prepare for higher campaign demands. Moreover, the increased bandwidth reliability and availability will allow us to stream full-HD videos even while on the go.

The Forthcoming Developments Won't Happen Instantly

5G connectivity indeed looks very promising. Still, the developments that will come with it will not happen in an instant. It will take considerable time before these effects transpire on a global level. Although this faster connectivity will bring about numerous benefits, experts believe that one department shall be further strengthened, which is privacy.

The majority of viewers value security and privacy just as much as they desire control over the content they interact with. Looking at user privacy’s current state, it is evident that there is still some work to be done before cyber threats are entirely eradicated. Privacy is something no one should overlook. Whether you are a content production, telco, OTT platform, or advertisement, privacy should be on top of your list.

Besides privacy concerns, there are still several things to be addressed before 5G becomes ideally compatible. As of now, the leading industry players are testing the waters of media formats, new production technologies, and multicasting. Additionally, they are trying to improve the accuracy of their target models, based on 5G’s data inputs.

What to Expect in the Future?

At our current stage, we need to wait for the official deployment of 5G connectivity before we understand its full potential. Nevertheless, this next-gen connectivity would likely encourage viewers to stream more often, possibly making this method the primary method of digital content consumption. Furthermore, the OTT and CTV industries are among those who will benefit from 5G the most. With its improved reliability, data streaming speed, and video delivery capabilities, we should all brace ourselves for this upcoming revolutionary digital solution called 5G network connectivity.

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