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Don’t miss the demo presentation of new Beesmart client for STBs with Android OS. The presentation will take place in Connected World Theatre on Saturday, September 14th, at 4 pm.

Marko Hiti, Beenius CTO, will take a presentation of a new Beesmart client for Android-based STBs at this year’s IBC.

Today, Google’s Android is powering almost 4 of 5 handsets. Android smart devices sold more units than any other platform. Marko Hiti is going to present how we can use open Android platform and numerous applications from Google Play also for TV use in our living rooms. You will be able to see a new Android-based STB with Beesmart client which includes also a new GUI Chameleon. Take a part in a logical step in the TV evolution.

Join us in hall 14 on September 14th, at 4 pm in Connected World Theatre.

Do you agree that device can’t be smart without applications?

The Connected World schedule of Demo’s.

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