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According to Jon Broadkin article in Arstechnica top pay-TV operators which are representing 95% of the US market, lost 665,00 subscribers in Q2 2016. They report that this is more than double the losses from 2 years ago.

But there are also exception, like major TV service DirecTV, it has gained new subscribers, the whole 342,000 of them. Which sums it up to a total of 20.5 million subscribers today.

According to the article, the losses of subscribers are normal in the 2nd quarter as college students and “snow birds” move. But there are other reasons which cause the decline. One is the availability of video on the internet, other is the rise of the prices for cable services in the last 2 years, third is a poorly rated customer service – the TV services and internet service providers’ survey scores hit an all-time low in the survey taken in 2016, etc.

One of the reasons could also be the lack of the attraction of the packages Cable TV operators are offering. Their packages can’t always be compared with e.g. Netflix or other streaming services which are offering up to date TV content.

But to be honest, also the best TV streaming service providers need a good Internet connection. In the US the 17 largest ISPs are representing 95% of the market, and they gained nearly 1.1 million Internet subscribers in Q1 2016.

So how can Beenius support Cable TV providers to improve their position on the market?

We can support you to become Viewers First Choice, help you gain new subscribers and enhance value to your packages with Beenius Interactive TV platform.

With Beenius platform you can seamlessly offer Catch-up TV over IP along with Live TV over DVB-C. What subscriber gets is the best user experience while looking for preferred content. Switching from live DVB-C content to Catch-up TV shows is now simple and easy. User is unaware of the changes, while moving backwards on the timeline.

With our consulting services you will learn which E2E technology you need to support your video streaming services, we will empower you with E2E integration for DVB-C + OTT hybrid solution and we will advise you on the latest features that will spice up your subscribers TV experience.


But before we get started, we need to hear it from you! So contact us today and let us know your issues, needs, requirements or replacement demands. Do it today!

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