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Being a sports fan or not, two upcoming events will place millions of people in front of TV screens. 2016 UEFA European Championship which starts in June 2016 is oriented to football fans and the Olympic Games 2016 in August.

Today we ask all the operators out there, what kind of experience will you offer to your subscribers this summer?

Is the football game the only pleasure you can give to your viewers? Image a fan cheering for his favourite football team and waiting for his favourite player to score a goal. Yes also a beer would suit perfect to this image and would place a big smile on a viewer’s face. Isn’t the aim of each and every operator to have a fan base of his on?

To have a loyal and satisfied subscribers, that would enjoy spending time playing with endless possibilities given them through customized Interactive TV platform? So why not, offer to your viewer the ice cold beer by which he could celebrate the wining game of his team!

With Beenius’s T-Commerce feature set you can propose different content packages to your viewers. It gives you possibility to structure your commercial offer more effectively and at the same time enables viewers’ easier access to additional content and additional services with a single push of a button on a remote control.

Yes, it is that easy! The hard part is to get up and open the front door when delivery of an Ice cold beer arrives. With that problem Beenius can’t do much, but we enable Pause and Resume bottom for you to grab a beer at the door, without missing a moment of your favoured game.

While for most people the vacations starts in August, there is a great chance that Olympic Games will not be watched from the comfort of their own home. That is why Beenius enables operators to offer Catch-up or N-screen features. This way viewers won’t miss a thing while they are on vacation or having fun on a beach.

With the help of N-Screen a viewer can consume content on different screens, different devices at different times or even at the same time. With mobile devices viewers can simply search, discover, and research content and then transfer it to the TV or STB to watch it on a big TV screen. This way viewers have all the information about the football game statistics, each player, football team, athletes, Olympic medals, etc.

Whatever your viewers will be doing during the big sport events, with Beenius Interactive TV platform you cover (almost) all of their demands and needs.

Become Viewers’ First Choice with Beenius Interactive TV platfrom this summer!

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