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With spring sun high in the sky people are moving from pubs to parks and open air venues. Either you’re up for the mighty London Marathon, being a tourist or a visitor at the TV Connect World Forum 2016, London is the place to be at the end of April.

On April 26th ExCel London, the largest venue in London will gather more than 90 exhibitors and more than 150 speakers from telecommunication world.

Beenius in cooperation with its strategic STB partners will present the latest developments on Beenius Interactive TV platform.

Stop and review the Beenius Interactive TV platform on Linux STB (Infomir MAG254 and Vestel 16IP7350) or Android STB (Geniatech ATV585). Book a meeting and a Beenius representative will take you through all the capabilities and possibilities of Beenius platform in person!

On Linux STBs, a must see are Beenius’s T-Commerce features, which enable extending different offerings directly to viewers TVs. You should also not pass by the opportunity to test Enhanced Advertising, a module which connects interactive ads to purchasable product. With Beenius TV platform you can centrally manage your advertising content, including setting-up the target audience, the target content and the time slot for each individual ad.

We are constantly improving user experience so you surely don`t want to miss Beenius`s improved user interface for Android STBs, part of Beenius Everywhere Collection  and our new tool called BeeTheme Editor. BeeTheme Editor is a tool that enables prompt and easy skin customization according to your taste and/or market requirements. Just imagine all the advantages and possibilities this tool can have for business.

And that is not all, with Beenius Interactive TV platform service you can build different business scenarios by combining different client apps. Pick one of the scenarios and test it at TV Connect:

– IPTV (only STB),

– IPTV with OTT on mobile devices,

– OTT only on mobile devices,

– OTT only on STBs and /or Android TVs,

– OTT only on Android TVs or

– OTT on STBs, Android TVs and mobile devices.

Book a meeting with Beenius representative at partners’ stands and learn how to become Viewers´ First Choice!

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