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Beenius launched today a promotion campaign that can get you a free Beesmart cloud and a free Beesmart App for Android tablet, iPad or iPhone upon visiting Beenius’s Stand No. 15 at TV Connect 2013.





The Beesmart App for Android provides all the latest BeeSocial TV features! The Beesmart app for Android tablet will be exclusively presented at the international TV Connect 2013 show in London between 19 and 21 March. If you do not have an Android tablet, free Beesmart app is also available for iPad or iPhone with exclusive vouchers for free download.
Visit Beesmart promotion for TV Connect 2013 and register with your LinkedIn profile or email to get a gift code for a free Beesmart app and a free cloud available to you for unlimited use for 30 days following TV Connect opening on 19 March.
Visit Beenius’s Stand No. 15 at TV Connect and bring with you your gift code to get the Beesmart app for the device of your choice and access Beenius cloud.


Be smart, accelerate growth with Beesmart!

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