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Don’t miss Spring – Summer Term of Beenius Academy. Register by March 25th for ON-SITE courses and by April 1st for ONLINE Beenius Academy!

You can choose between ON-SITE and ONLINE courses.

Beenius Academy is our global Training and Certification programs offered to Beenius Channel Partners.

Beenius Academy offers a great opportunity to receive complete training in a few days from the Beenius team specialists who founded and continue to develop Beesmart technology.

Why choose an ON-SITE Beenius Academy training course?
ON-SITE course offers a great opportunity to personally meet with the Beenius team and spend time inside and outside the organization with Beenius representatives.

Why choose an ONLINE Beenius Academy training course?
An ONLINE course offers a great opportunity to participants who would prefer to complete the course from the convenience of their own location.

Check out the Schedule for this Spring – Summer term 2013. Visit https://www.beenius.tv/products/beesmart-academy/schedule#schedule and download documentation and found out more.

You can register here. Choose your course type and date.

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