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Beenius Platform on Amazon Web Services

Ljubljana, Slovenia – April 2020

Now increasingly more on-premise deployments and media technology, in general, are becoming more time-consuming. Complex workflows, value-added features, and BSS and OSS integrations make TV platform deployments more costly and untimely.

Countering the current market situation, Beenius is proud to announce the launch of its Interactive TV Platform offering on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The Beenius platform is designed to provide a cost-effective solution and offers to operators, broadcasters and streaming media platforms a way to tap into new business potential. Beenius Interactive TV platform is a telco-grade, feature-rich, and versatile TV platform that can be tailored for multiple market offerings.

Deploying on the cloud enables Beenius to install and configure the Beenius Interactive TV platform remotely, which in turn means lower investment and faster time-to-market deployment for the customers.

The decision to launch our new Interactive TV Platform offering on AWS came at the right moment. Customers’ benefits are numerous, such as lower infrastructure costs, higher flexibility, higher system scalability, several cost reductions, etc.”, said Filip Remškar, CEO of Beenius. “We are looking forward to deepening our relationship with AWS, and we are positive it will bring robust advancements for our customers.

Contact us to discuss your project requirements or to schedule a demo of the Beenius Interactive TV platform.

The Beenius Team

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