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Beenius compatible with Magnaquest on their product Sure

Ljubljana, October 2019

We are glad to announce cooperation and interoperability with Magnaquest on their product Sure.

By utilizing a pre-integrated Magnaquest Sure, the operator can shorten the integration time and effort to start monetizing the platform and have a single point of contact for any customizations to its specific workflows and business model.

Sure is today the world’s leading subscription lifecycle management software solution with customers in over 20 countries. This product is from Magnaquest, a fascinating enterprise product-based solutions company. Started by techno-entrepreneurs with a vision to develop products and solutions of extraordinary value, Sure gives its users the unmatched benefit of scaling and growing subscription business with ease. Sure handles every crucial business from subscription monetization, billing and CRM to subscriber lifecycle management, partner management and business growth.

About Magnaquest

Magnaquest is at the center of a subscription revolution and is a pioneer in enabling subscription businesses across the world through its flagship platform – Sure.

  • Sure enhances subscriber management by allowing a 360-degree view of subscribers to keep up with their changing needs
  • It’s secure and dynamic billing feature is flexible and capable of a range of customizations and supports volume-based pricing as well as multi-currency support
  • Top-notch CRM feature keeps customers engaged consistently to cash in on any opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell through lead management tools and business intelligence dashboards

As a philosophy, Magnaquest is a pure product-based Solutions company, focused upon niche market segments and developing countries for its clientele particularly in Africa, Asia and South America.

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