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Beenius is proud to present Beenius Everywhere Collection!

More than ever, the possibility of becoming Viewers’ first Choice is turning out to be the reality of today’s service providers.

By having viewers and operators in our minds, we designed Beenius Everywhere Collection to finally connect all the products of Beenius Applications.

It doesn’t matter if you are at home, at work, in your car or on the airplane, Beenius makes sure that you won’t miss your favorite TV show, that you get all the relevant TV notifications and that you can use every screen as a TV in every situation. Beenius Everywhere Collection is based on Android as one of the most widespread platforms, iOS for Apple mobile devices, and Windows Mobile. It enables endless possibilities to extend functionalities and services for end users as well operators.


The first in line of Beenius Everywhere collation is Beenius Android STB Application with support for IPTV and OTT setups.

Beenius didn’t stop with described application, and has added to the collection Beenius Android TV Application as well. With the Beenius Android TV Application on Android-based TVs, Beenius enables the service provider to give to his viewer a first class TV experience and offers unlimited possibilities of expanding operators’ applications. All without external STB.

The viewers’ first choice usually always begins with operators offerings, and by understanding this process Beenius added to the collection the Beenius Android BeeMarket Application. It is an Android app that runs on STBs or TVs and enables the service provider to build a private app store. These Beenius application is substitute for the default Google Play store or can be used along with it. It was developed to enrich the operators’ possibilities of providing better and easier everyday TV experience that is suitable for IPTV and OTT setups. And empowers operators to have full control over apps, which are installed on user’s device.

People while watching TV are heavily involved with social media and they are searching for show-related information. Because of that the life without smartphones or tablets does not exist anymore. That is why Beenius incorporated Beenius Android Mobile Application and Beenius iOS Mobile Application in the collection. Beenius Mobile Apps offer the same look and feel as other products form Beenius Everywhere collection. Beenius Mobile Apps provide access to the service provider’s content on smartphones. Everything is in line of a quick, easy, every time and everywhere usage of Beenius Android Mobile app.

To finish the collection in style, we added Beenius Android Wear. Android Wear is compatible with Beenius Android Mobile Application, Beenius Android TV Application and Beenius Android STB Application every time and everywhere when you want to receive the latest TV-related notifications. It is simple and clear and it proofs that Beenius Everywhere Collection is designed with intuitive functionalities in mind from the very beginning. Viewer can benefit from it in his everyday life.

In case of having any additional questions or you are interested in Beenius Interactive TV Platform presentation, please contact us today!

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