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martin sonc interview

Who are you? What is your role in Beenius?

Hi, this is Martin Sonc. I am the product manager at Beenius and take care of the entire portfolio of our products together with my teams.

How 2021 is evolving in the industry?

In 2021, more push for OTT, more people are watching from home, there is less social interaction and bigger demand for streaming platforms. So, any platform that has a well-developed social component on it is gaining popularity. And do not forget that 2021 was the year of the Olympics, and 2022 Beijing is also in the queue. We can already see that the D2C (Direct to consumer) approach is on everyone’s minds, and (e-)sports are still the centerpiece of everyone’s content. The sports broadcast industry is attempting to converge live-event TV with streamed content to attract new audiences. Since the Sports-as-a-Service is on the trends and sports are often at the leading edge of innovation, we can also expect a sequential and steady transformation from 4K to 8K in the coming years.

What will be the growth points of TV subscribers in 2022 for operators? What kind of role the Beenius' products can play in that?

In terms of the growth or pain points, it is going to be quite similar to the current year. The operators are servicing dynamic pricing models where people can pay as they go. It is not a subscription that is a part of a monthly plan bundled with the Internet or as a part of a mobile plan, just the standalone TV service. Onboarding the users with as little fraction as possible seems like a huge missing part of this entire story.

Another one is, of course, the fragmentation of the content providers. The integration with other premium TV or content providers can be crucial for operators, especially with several content providers offering their own standalone streaming services. The number of them is rapidly increasing, but the number of services consumers want or can afford to subscribe to is bound to be finite. The Super content aggregator with some great bundles may be the key to turning the situation around, allowing viewers to enjoy content from a diverse list of sources. A simple, understandable, and flexible pricing policy is the crucial point to attracting younger audiences.

Beenius can absolutely help with that as we have entire integration portfolios. As a Content as a Service provider, we can integrate premium content in the operator’s catalog simply and quickly. And Beenius Interactive TV platform also enables the parsing of the metadata to commercial policies.

What is the development dilemma of operators in 2022? How could we help them with our products?

When the content side is way too fragmented, and the operators want to integrate all of it into one service, a dilemma can quickly arise. For those who already have great content libraries, the Beenius Interactive TV platform can help them manage or catalog the abundant content and improve the user experience by optimizing the interface and integrating a recommendation system. If an operator wants to improve the catalogue size, integrating with a content aggregator is the obvious choice. And we should not forget that improving the monitoring and analytics functions in your dashboard is the key to understanding your users better, which will allow operators to better plan and control the entire user experience.

How did Covid –19 affect the industry?

The COVID-19 crisis naturally had a substantial impact on our industry, the same as any other. I just want to highlight out one interesting point here. Most of us thought Pay-TV would soon be replaced by on-demand streaming. But it is still present in a lot of households, even more than ever, though flat or slowly declining depending on the region. Pay-TV is crisis-resilient, especially in the face of Covid -19.

What is Beenius bringing to IBC 2021?

Yes, Beenius is attending IBC 2021. After a long time of only carrying out online business activities, we couldn’t be more thrilled to present Beenius – a Media System Integrator to the whole industry and connect our partners and customers in person. Our team at the spot will showcase how Beenius Interactive TV Platform boosts customer’s profit with on-trend added-value features. Besides that, we will also present the cohesiveness of the Beenius Interactive TV Platform between different end-user applications, such as AndroidTV Operator Tier Custom Launcher, AndroidTV application, and iOS/Android mobile/Web Browser applications.

Anything you would add to share?

We warmly invite you to attend IBC 2021. Book a meeting and visit us in Amsterdam!

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