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Who are you? What’s your role in Beenius?

My name is Martin Velichkovski, and I am a Product Manager at Beenius.

From the perspective of the TV platform itself, what are the new trends in the industry? What are your expectations for TV platforms or video products in the near future?

Of the plethora of new upcoming trends, the ones I find most exciting are VR and AR, large external libraries of VOD contents and new and updated social features such as group watching.

I am expecting a bigger investment in content metadata which is a  prerequisite for new and improved content recommendation system

With the rise of short-video platforms, how can long-video platforms evolve to survive and win this battle?

While short forms of content are great for casual content consumption (93% of young people admit to using their phone on the toilet), long forms of content will always be able to surpass it in terms of quality of both the production and the storytelling.

It is doubling down on those that will ensure the future success of long-form content.

What are the dilemmas for traditional TV operators or broadcasters when they plan to transform? Do you encourage everyone to go with OTT?

One of the main concerns that traditional TV operators have is the modifications they would have to make to their existing network to accommodate the increased traffic resulting from the transition to an OTT deployment.

We aim to help our clients to get the most out of both worlds – upgrade their IPTV systems to be compatible with the latest technologies and clients (IPTV on AndroidTV) and introduce additional offerings by augmenting their offering with OTT content and clients.

What kind of features the scalable TV platform should be equipped with in such a rapidly changing digital TV ecosystem?

The core of every modern OTT deployment must be a well-developed and reliable set of statistical and analytical tools that allow the operator to quickly identify and react to potential anomalies in the system and scale their deployment as necessary.

With the modular structure of the Beenius platform, we enable our operators to achieve great results with minimal effort.

Are you bringing something new to the market in 2022?

We are adding to our portfolio new clients on new platforms and I am particularly excited about our upcoming brand-new AppleTV application.

Anything else you would add to share?

At Beenius, we are proud of our work we did by introducing a new generation of applications and devices to the IPTV/OTT deployments. We are taking this approach a step further by bringing different partners together to improve and standardize the player integration for such systems.

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