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As Media Systems Integrator and provider of an interactive TV platform, we collaborate with our strategically chosen partners that cover various components of the video processing and delivery, from acquisition to distribution on clients’ devices. Operating in our industry for over a decade, we understand the importance of analytics and generating actionable insights out of it, therefore, we have partnered with MediaMelon to provide our clients with real-time measurements of all video content and ads across all owned and operated properties.

The MediaMelon OTT Video Intelligence Platform provides complete, trusted and real-time measurement of all video content and ads across all owned and operated properties. The platform delivers actionable insight to drive business critical decisions across all parts of your OTT business. It is available as a simple and rapidly deployable solution. Together with SmartSight QoE and SmartSight Ads analytics solutions, OTT businesses can benefit from the deep insights across both their video and advertising businesses, in a single solution with ease. 

SmartSight QoE: Great content deserves a great experience. SmartSight QoE provides a complete viewer experience optimization solution for your OTT service. Through real time and continuous measurement of video content, captured continuously from the video player, the platform provides actionable insights into the true user experience. 


SmartSight Ads: Improve your OTT monetization with real-time, actionable insight into fill-rate inhibitors using SmartSight Ads. SmartSight Ads provides a complete Ad Intelligence solution for CSAI, SSAI and DAI. Improve your ad yields by reducing the impact of ad failures, through anomaly-based alerts with point of failure analysis. The solution is rapidly deployable through a simple player-side integration. 

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The two companies together provide streaming services, the ability to get MediaMelon SmartSight Analytics out of the box. Customers using MediaMelon with Beenius can benefit from:

  • Deep insights into users’ experience 
  • Reduce churn by improving quality of experience
  • Improve/refine content strategy based on consumption data
  • Resolve customer satisfaction issues
  • Reduce time to resolution with real-time anomaly-based alerting
  • Increase revenue through real-time measurement of OTT/CTV Ads
  • Measure Content and Ads in a single solution

To provide you with more actionable insights and benefits from the analytics we provide, we are organizing a Beenius – MediaMelon webinar on November 11th, 2020. 

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