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EuroMagazine caught up with Filip Remškar, our CEO, about the two important new partnerships helping it provide end-to-end services for a range of existing Telco operators.

Mr. Remškar explains: “Beenius takes care of the end-to-end system integration, the middleware, and our systems functionalities. Conax provides the security whether it is for phone, tablet, set-top-box”, and ads, “This year, we have also focused a lot on recommendation and personalisation. To enhance our own system, we have made a partnership with ThinkAnalytics, which we see as the best company in the field, to bring this solution to life.”

Furthermore, the above statement is supported by the launch of a new recommendation dashboard for the Croatian Telco ISKON, enabling the Iskon.TV viewers to avoid exhausting TV channel surfing.

In case one of your household members watches cartoons in the morning and action movies in the evening, personal recommendations will be provided based on these habits. Hence, in the morning the interface will highlight SpongeBob SquarePants, and in the evening, there will be the latest Batman sequel that was broadcast on channel TV1000 last night while you were sleeping, unaware of its being broadcast. Isn’t that marvelous,” explained Ivan Runje, head of product development at Iskon.

We invite you to see the full interview, read the article or to read the November/December edition of the Euro Media magazine.

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