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Customisation of the user interface is a time-consuming and cost inefficient task for TV operators. As one of the leading providers of tv platforms, Beenius decided to integrate a simple but powerful Theme Customization visualizer, where operators can simply change the look and feel of the platform according to their needs and likings.

Imagine that you can change the color scheme during Christmas season or offer special styles during sporting events? With Beenius Theme Customization, every operator can change the looks of the platform to their likings without any special programming knowledge.

Beenius Theme Customization is part of the administrative panel of Beenius platform, where colors, fonts, icons, logos, and backgrounds can be changed in a matter of a few clicks. Because the interface is streamlined and visual, it is fairly easy to change those settings without having a developer team on the task. This makes Beenius Theme Customization a powerful tool for enriching viewing experience and can help the operator to adapt even more to their customer’s desires.

Customized styling can be separately published to different regions or even to Virtual Operators. This helps to overcome potential cultural or interest differences and helps win »bonus points« with the operator’s customers.

As changes can be done in a matter of minutes, visual styles can be applied as often as needed. With the help of simple color pickers and pre-installed graphics sets, it is very easy for marketing teams to build their preferred theme and with the help of live preview mode, it can be easily presented to their decision makers. When the theme is confirmed, it takes just a few clicks to publish the theme to their viewers.

At Beenius we believe that personalization and customization is one of the key components and an added value for end viewers. Being able to highly adapt to viewers likings can be a huge benefit for operators when promoting their services to their new customers.

Feel free to contact our representatives for a detailed presentation about Beenius Theme Customization.


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