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With IPTV came Catch-up TV and with OTT came TV Everywhere. Therefore, the viewers can watch their favourite TV shows anytime, anywhere on any device. We could say that viewing habits had change and that we almost can’t draw a line between the Live TV and On-Demand.

Because of the overflow of numerous TV channels and multiple On-demand content providers, watching TV today can be puzzling. Operators need to understand the data about their customers, what are they watching, where, when and how often in order to become Viewers’ First Choice. Only by truly understanding the viewing habits operators can offer targeted and personalized content which will attract new customers.

Freesat TV service, who have just won a Data Driven Award at Connected TV Summit together with Beenius partner TVbeat, Real-time TV analytics, said that with good analytics they are able to understand how viewers are using their service.

We believe viewing and recording statistics analysed with machine learning algorithms can quickly lead to becoming a viewers’ first choice TV app. While Pay TV operators have direct contact with their subscribers they can best understand their interests and preferences, so they should benefit from the provided data. By integrating Recommendations Engine operators can increase their viewing time by 20-50% published by Beenius partner ThinkAnalytics.

We have already written about the importance of video recommendations and the support of Beenius Platform to recommend TV programs and VOD content with User Analytics and Recommendation System. In the end, time brings better data insights, but without excellent content and first class user experience the most important goal is missing, that is – a satisfied viewer.

Write to us or visit us! We are glad to explain more about Beenius Interactive TV Platform and how you can become Viewers’ First Choice!


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