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Big cable operators in the US have entered into a new stage of relationship with SVOD providers. They went from we will do anything to stop you to I guess we can`t stop you so let’s start cooperating. Cablevision has announced that they will be offering HBO Now service to its customers with no TV subscription needed and Verizon has already done that with Netflix last year on some test markets.

This move is a clear reflection of the reports that have emerged this year. First time in history Cable companies have more broadband subscriptions than cable subscriptions. And as SVOD providers are natural enemies to Cable companies when they are offering TV subscriptions, they are born allies when Cable companies are acting as broadband companies.

It is a smart move as business arrangement is clearly mutually beneficial. Internet/Cable providers will be able to offer more attractive bundles and on top of that get a cut of the subscription profits. SVOD services like HBO Now and Netflix on the other hand are able to reach customers they otherwise wouldn`t as not everyone is ready to cut the cord.

As a lot of premium content is moving to over-the-top services, such bundles mean only good news for viewers as now their high demands will be met without additional subscriptions.

Who said that service providers are a dying breed? They just need to react quickly and adopt to changes happening in the industry. To know more about Beenius`s vision of the future and the changes in the industry read the interview with Beenius`s CEO Mr. Filip Remškar.

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