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Want to learn how Beenius will help you spur growth and increase your subscriber base?

Book a meeting with Beenius for TV Connect March 19 – 21 with your Beenius sales representative or at marketing@beenius.tv.

The Beenius team will be happy to show you the new appealing features created to boost user satisfaction and spur the growth of TV operators’ subscriber base.

Make your existing users happy with the Beesmart platform and  the integrated BeeSocial TV features will allow them to attract new subscribers by giving them the opportunity to interact in social networks while watching TV!

If you do not have a ticket for TV Connect yet, you may still get a free pass for the show. And don’t forget to register for your free Beesmart promo app for Android tablets, iPads and iPhones launched by Beenius for TV Connect.

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