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Traditional telecommunication and cable television networks provided the first wave of bundled offers, which included triple-play services (telephony, data and pay-television services). This was followed by the emergence of quadruple-play offers, as wireless broadband networks enabled operators to add mobility to the previous services as well as a range of new services (e.g. navigation).

As we know today bundling allows operators to allocate fixed costs across a range of services and can have beneficial effects, such as the convenience of unified billing, new possibilities for innovation and discounts for consumers and business.

The OECD research titled “Triple and Quadruple Play Bundles of Communication Services« confirms that bundles of services have become more widespread in the last years as broadband speeds increase and, due to convergence over the Internet Protocol (IP), more services can be provided over those networks.

The mobile operators should enhance their bundles with PayTV service to if they would like to:

  • expend their services for existing clients with Pay TV offer;
  • become Viewers’ First Choice and target TV viewers with unified billing for their mobile bundles as well;
  • enter on the TV market fast and offer one Interactive TV Platform that enables IPTV and OTT solution;
  • have a complete turn-key solution provided by Beenius;
  • offer Beenius Mobile Applications with TV content on smartphones (iOS or Android) and tablets (iPad, Android) as part of pay TV offer.
  • enable to Fling the content from the mobile app and play the content at the same time on their TV.
  • promote a quick, easy, every time and everywhere usage of Beenius Android Mobile app and other products of Beenius Everywhere collection;
  • use Beenius T-Commerce feature set as additional promo site on TV where viewers are ablet to make purchase with their remote control of any offer made by the operator;


At Beenius we provide turnkey solutions for operators and service providers, that is why we encourage you to reference the challenges you are facing with while selecting most suitable Interactive TV platform for your bundle.

Contact Beenius representative today and become Viewers’ First Choice of tomorrow.

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