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U.S. customer satisfaction survey shows some interesting statistics on TV subscriptions,  Pay TVs users, the threat of OTT technology and rising costs “for watching TV” in the U.S. market.

Among the largest subscription TV providers, customers are far more satisfied with their fiber optic and satellite service than those with cable stream. Pay TV service providers were 6 points lower than fixed line telephone service, which scored 4 percent higher with a 74. No cable operator manage to top the 70 mark.

While nearly 90 percent of households have some form of TV subscription, the industry is facing small but growing competition from Internet video streaming. The survey did not yet see a great threat from OTT and as we already know, use of the OTT is rising rapidly all over the World.

Do you have a similar survey in your country? Are results similar to US?

Follow us and we’ll soon revealed how cable operators can make benefit in the DVB-C network.

Source for this blog: FierceIPTV

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