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POM- Edgeware

In today’s article, we put emphasis on the video delivery solutions for content providers and network service providers, offered by Edgeware.

Edgeware helps broadcasters, content owners, telcos and cable operators deliver modern TV services that are beyond broadcast. Offering IP-based TV delivery systems to some of the world’s most advanced operators and content providers, Edgeware facilitates the new way of consuming TV to any screen, any device and at any time. Its solutions help customers capitalize their content, give their viewers an amazing viewing experience, and scale with flexibility due to multiple deployment options.

Edgeware has more than 200 customers and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, with staff across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Their portfolio of solutions and technologies include (but are not limited to):

To learn more about our mutual projects, please see below:

  • Univision Mongolia, where Beenius and Edgeware worked on successfully replacing the existing middleware. Beenius offered support and novel features such as Promotion Screen, T-Commerce and outstanding flexibility of the Interactive TV Platform. Beenius made successful migration to Beenius solution and integration of Edgeware for VOD
  • OCR Subtitling, a solution that represents an added value for operators offering a Multilanguage selection on client applications.

As Media Systems Integrator, we collaborate with our strategically chosen partners that cover the video processing and delivery process from acquisition to distribution on clients’ devices.  In addition, we have all the necessary relationships with 3rd party technology vendors, plugins, modules and contacts so that operators’ time to market reduces significantly!

For any additional questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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