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In today’s article, we put emphasis on the video delivery component of our ecosystem, provided by Harmonic. As the worldwide leader in video delivery, Harmonic enables media companies and service providers to deliver next-generation video streaming services to consumers globally. Harmonic’s VOS®️ innovative cloud and software-based streaming platforms combined with world-class 24×7 support and DevOps services are changing the way operators monetize live and on-demand content on every screen.

Discover Harmonic’s leading cloud and software-based solutions to deliver highly personalized content, with unrivalled video quality, from source to screen.

Streamline Operations with a High-Performance, Software-Based Video Appliance

XOS Advanced Media Processor is a powerful software-based platform with the latest video encoding and processing technologies for broadcast and streaming. You can use XOS as a plug-and-play appliance or deploy it as an application running on your COTS servers. Ensure efficient and reliable service delivery over any transport network, including IPTV, cable, satellite, DTT, and the internet. Ingest a vast array of sources and output an extensive number of video formats, including MXF, MPEG-2 transport streams, MP4 clips and more. The high-density XOS platform supports SDI to full-IP architectures to simplify your video infrastructures and provide you with the versatility you need to deliver the next generation of enhanced video services efficiently and sustainably. 

Accelerate Time to Market with SaaS

VOS360 cloud streaming and distribution platforms are the world’s most advanced media processing and delivery platforms to deliver and monetize your video content. Leverage a fully managed SaaS platform to handle every stage in your video workflow, including advanced capabilities for targeted advertising and dynamic ad insertion, all in the cloud. VOS360 can deploy with any or several of the three leading cloud providers in full geo-redundancy to give you peace of mind in any event. With VOS360, you get the agility you need to efficiently provide broadcast quality video direct-to-consumer, to multiple affiliates, and to free ad-supported TV (FAST) platforms, at scale.  

End-to-End Video Processing & Delivery with Cloud-Native Software

Harmonic’s VOS cloud-native software is an end-to-end media processing and delivery software solution for on-premises deployments. Built with docker containers and microservices, VOS uses Kubernetes orchestration and runs on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) servers and virtualization layers. You can easily deploy VOS on private data centers and public clouds to align your IT and business preferences. Seamlessly integrate with a wide range of media applications using the advanced VOS API to ease your broadcast evolution or set the path to move ahead with cloud adoption. 

Achieve Video Success with Harmonic Inc

Harmonic solutions power many of the world’s leading media companies to reach more viewers, and grow their video business with confidence, whether for broadcast, streaming or hybrid solutions.

As Media Systems Integrator, Beenius is Harmonic preferred partner for media processing and delivery using end-to-end cloud-based streaming and broadcast solutions. Harmonic solutions integrate seamlessly with 3rd party technology vendors to time to market for your services!

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