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A lot has been said how Android OS is more exposed to attacks and that service providers should stay with Linux OS based STBs. But the fact is that Android is a highly desirable operating system which is changing the game in Connected TV industry.

Conax, a provider of security systems and services, states in their Securing Android in Pay-TV Operations White Paper, released in November 2015, that Android security challenges must be properly addressed. When this is done by professionals Android STBs are a perfect choice. They give operators that extra boost they need to offer the most attractive and most secure solutions. Conax cites Beenius Android White Paper to show that industry already embraced Android platform.

Beenius is sure that an additional layer of security in Android STB environment can be achieved by implementing a so called “Walled Garden principle”, which enables operators to securely close STB and have full control over installed applications.

Beenius BeeMarket Application enables Wall Garden principle on Android STBs. In this case installation and execution is possible only for applications that are included in BeeMarket launcher. Set of applications in BeeMarket Application is under exclusive control of the operator, so no harmful applications can be installed on STBs. When using BeeMarket in combination with DRM/CAS all content is secured.

In order to allow walled garden principle, Android STBs come preinstalled with an Android build which does not contain Google Play Store. Instead the BeeMarket Application is installed as a default launcher.

If you are interested in how Beenius can help you offer attractive and most secure solution on the market to your subsribers, please contact Beenius Representative.


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