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Ljubljana, March 2017 – Leading African operator CVMultimedia will leverage the perfect fit with Beenius Interactive TV Platform.

Beenius, a provider of highly advanced Interactive TV platform and African operator CVMultimedia, which forms part of Cabo Verde Telecom group, proudly announces a successful replacement of the existing middleware with Beenius Interactive TV Platform.

CVMultimedia was looking for Interactive TV platform vendor with end2edn system integration expertise to change the existing IPTV system easily and without major interruptions for their viewers. At the same time, they were exploring business case novelties and advanced functionalities of IPTV service. CVMultimedia knew that selected middleware vendor would need to overcome existing issues of 10-year-old platform, problems with poor image quality, STB rebooting bugs, network extension on top of that would need to provide extended user statistics that would allow the operator to monitor user viewing habits and consequently revise service offering to meet their subscribers’ needs. Beenius was the only company that was up to the challenge with their Interactive TV platform.

Beenius provided to the CVMultimedia existing user base the IPTV service with extended functionalities from Catch-up TV, Social Media integration, T-Commerce (enable subscribers to buy services via any device), to VOD (TVOD and SVOD) services. The main reason why Beenius solution appealed to CVMultimedia was platform’s ability to run from one management system IPTV and OTT services.

OTT service option was crucial to extending added value services for CVMultimedia subscribers. Having the option to watch any content via any device and fling from Mobile to TV and Chromecast support is key to address Millennials.
Furthermore, CVMultimedia plans to take full advantage of Beenius Interactive TV platform and introduce Freemium model that will enable CVMultimedia marketing team to target potential subscribers interested in their new TV platform. Potential subscribers can access CVMultimedia mobile applications with limited content without contractual obligations simply using their social accounts to log in.

As Mr. Rui Fortes, the CEO of CVMultimedia stated that Beenius was not selected just because of the future-proofed platform but also because of the provided system integration that took care of network extension both on HW and SW and was able to successfully complete the migration of existing subscriber base from the legacy platform. What CVMultimedia valued was an overall support and End2End ecosystem consultancy of Beenius team, the design of optimal ecosystem that fitted CVMultimedia customers. At the same time, it was the best price performance solution.

When it comes to replacing the middleware platform, what matters is not only how the project is guided, how the technical details are explained and how the integration with other elements is executed, but also how well the company is organized, prepared and the people that are behind it. That is what makes the difference. Beenius delivered all that in the package that contained also a high-quality solution, features, and price and quality relationship.
If we would compare Beenius Interactive TV platform with the replaced one, what prevails is the platform stability, flexibility and ability to grow with the OTT future proofed solution. Beenius team cared about the project from day one, were eager to customize according to CVMultimedia preferences and the relationship between both teams was incredible. Because of this great experience, we are looking forward to co-operating with Beenius any time in the future, said Mr. Rui Fortes, the CEO of CVMultimedia.

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