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In January 2011, Mashable published “5 Current Trends Shaping the Television Industry”. Does TV today combine all trends? Let’s see the 5 hot things …






1. TV Embraces the Internet – Yes

More and more second screen applications is available at the market of Android, iOS and Windows applications. As they said in 2011: “The symbiosis between Internet, apps and TV could keep the TV industry going strong”.


2. The Box Office Pulls People Away From Their TVs – Not really

In 2011: “It seems that 3D technology is preferred on the big screens of movie theaters and not in one’s home.” – True

But let’s see what will happened in next years. Nowadays TV sets also offer 3D experience at home. Glasses are more and more comfortable and picture is bigger (as is big TV screen J)


3. LCD and Flat-Panel Screens Dominate – Yes

But use of second screens is also increasing rapidly.

…the market share is rising because consumers are “trading up” for bigger and better televisions.”


4. TV Is Going Social – Yes

Is there any middleware without Facebook and/or Twitter add? Almost every Smart TV or STB’s middleware contain application for Social engagement. Viewers also very often use second screen (mobile, tablet) while watching TV.


5. Advertising Is More Targeted – Not on Linear TV channels


Source for this blog: Mashable


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