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Beenius Academy Autumn – Winter Term will take a place between 30th September and 11th October 2013.




Training courses for TR-1 and TR3 are available ONLINE and ON-SITE, training course for TR-2 is available only ON-SITE at location of our offices in Ljubljana.

BS-TR-1-OL Beesmart Installation, Configuration, and Administration (7 -10 October 2013)
BS-TR-3-OL Beesmart Sales Enablement (11 October 2013)

Beenius Academy ONLINE training courses

BS-TR-1 Beesmart Installation, Configuration, and Administration (30 September – 2 October 2013)
BS-TR-2 SDK (3 -4 October 2013)
BS-TR-3 Beesmart Sales Enablement (3 October 2013)

Beenius Academy ON-SITE training courses

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a master of installation, configuration and administration, a master of Beesmart SDK and certified salesman for Beesmart.
You may register today at our website.

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