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According to MAVISE – the European Audiovisual Observatory’s free access TV and VoD database Pay on demand services specialized in film and TV fiction account for 2/3 of all pay-on demand services in Europe, compared with only 14% of TV channels.




Over  60% of the 723 main pay On-demand services established and active in Europe  are available online, whereas almost 40% are operated by the main TV distributors on their managed networks. Among the pay On-demand services, transactional services (TVOD) – 416 – outnumber subscription services (SVOD) – 307.




Among thematic channels, Fiction, Sport, Entertainment are the most prevailing genres. Only 9% of the 5.462 international and national TV channels established in Europe are generalist.




About 22% of international and national TV channels established in Europe are available in Digital Terrestrial Television (free or pay) in at least one country in Europe. Generalist channels access more easily to DTT: close to 46% of generalist channels established in Europe are available on DTT.




We all know that Video-on-Demand (VOD) service allows content to be viewed when the subscriber chooses to, rather than having to watch it at a specific broadcast time. This increases TV comfort and saves time when it comes to watching a great movie.

There are many ways how operators can offer VOD services to their viewers. From traditional VOD libraries where content is being uploaded by operators to 3rd party app vendors such as BHO, Netflix, etc. Whatever business model operator chooses, Beenius TV platform is here to support it.

Beenius Interactive TV platform enables:

  • Traditional VOD libraries
  • Multi-variant movies – movie can be offered in different movie variants (different quality or audio language for a different price). Each movie variant can also have multiple subtitles.
  • Movie Packages – operator can offer as purchasable content a package of movies as Transaction VOD (TVOD) or as Subscription VOD (SVOD).
  • Gifts – viewer can send VOD content to a friend as a gift.
  • Bookmarks – they improve the usability of the VOD service as the viewer can set multiple bookmarks at any time when some interesting content is played.
  • VOD Most Watched – this feature shows to a viewer the most popular VOD titles and live TV channels regardless of whether they are for purchase or not.
  • VOD Most Purchased – enables viewer to see a list of the VOD titles that were purchased most often in the past and displays additional advertisements of the operator’s content.

Get in touch with Beenius representative and ask for demo presentation of Beenius Interactive TV platform and its VOD features.

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