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According to the Consumer Technology Association, 88% of millennials are engaged in second-screen behaviours when watching video content. While watching video content, 1/2 of online Americans surveyed said they use second screens via another device such as a smartphone or tablet to augment first screen content to access information about the content they’re viewing (50%), watch content on other devices during commercials (48%) and follow social media discussions either related or unrelated to the programming (43%).

The Beenius Mobile App presents a multi-user interface, live TV with catch-up, EPG view, VOD library, VOD play-out with standard trick play options, recordings, show reminders, content recommendations and search, etc. In N-Screen setup viewers can discover and research content on their smartphone or tablet and then fling the selected content to their STB (Linux or Android) or Android-based TV.

Beenius also provides Chromecast support which enables the viewer to cast its IPTV channels or web videos to the TV only using a mobile device and Chromecast.

Whether your customers are Millenium generation or Generation X,Y or Z the entire experience of N-Screen setup and features such are fling or cast makes user TV experience an intuitive and easy to use on a daily basis.

Write to us or visit us! We are glad to explain more about Beenius Interactive TV Platform and how you can become Viewers’ First Chioce!

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