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Company BeeSmart, the most progressive interactive TV middleware provider for service operators, is announcing that its name is changing to Beenius on May 16 th.


Ever since BeeSmart was launched, its credo and growth have been based on strong partnerships for the development and distribution of products and services in the interactive TV industry. We have built a community which has already achieved more than we could have ever imagined. Nevertheless, we believe that we have much more to discover and offer to our customers. In such a manner we wish to reinforce our achievements and ambitions with regard to the further development of the company and the community which supports us.

This name change does not mean that the heart of the company will beat any differently. The team that stands behind the newly-named company Beenius is and will remain the same and will grow even further. Beenius, which comes from “be genius”, entails the possession of considerable knowledge and is the next level up from “be smart”, which indicates a high ability to learn. Beenius signifies a deeper level of understanding customers and a higher degree of readiness to react to new market opportunities.

“We are ready to overcome each challenge that comes our way and our mission to fulfill the demand for excellent TV service in every country feels more vital than ever!” says Matjaž Bevk, CEO of company Beenius.

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