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IPTV evolution has re-focused Middleware vendors towards complete design of turnkey or End2End solutions, providing system integration to connect all the solution components with the middleware in the middle. If wondering what turnkey brings in the IPTV industry, you are more than welcome to stay with me and read this blog.

Beenius professional engineers support service providers with skills and expertise in designing, consulting, integrating, building and maintaining turnkey solution for IPTV, OTT or Hybrid (DVB). Therefore service providers experience higher viewers’ satisfaction and benefit by lower churn.

Here are the necessary steps service providers need to understand when aiming for E2E solution:


Service providers should have a crystal idea what content they will offer to their viewers before contacting any middleware vendor. Content is one thing that middleware vendors are not offering in their turnkey solution.

But once you have content you also need a tool for managing subscribers, content, devices, and services.

Beenius TV Platform comes with a web-based administration application (the Beenius Administration Application, also referred as Admin) enabling service providers single point of management for their content, subscriptions and services.

Content is the King!

2. IPTV or OTT?

Beenius is a multiservice delivery platform, providing interactive TV services: IPTV, OTT, or a combination of both, for ISP, telco, and cable service providers.

To learn the difference between IPTV and OTT solution, you may refer to our previous blog post. When the decision of what kind of services would best fit operator`s subscribers is made, Beenius TV platform is here to design the most cost-benefit optimized solution to support the business case.



Beenius TV Platform represents the heart of the TV ecosystem, whether for OTT, Hybrid, or Multicast IPTV setup, Beenius connects all the parts together into a complete, turnkey solution.

On the server side, Beenius integrates with the billing and provisioning systems, EPG providers, VOD systems, and DRM systems, and provides all of these information and functions to the end users’ devices. On the client side, Beenius client applications connect subscribers over any access network to a unique interactive TV service.

On the client side, STBs are the most crucial parts of the interactive TV solution. As STB device interacts with all the parts of the solution, we strongly advice consulting with the middleware vendor before decision making, in order of avoiding any unpredicted project delays and higher integration challenges.

Each STB model needs to support the VOD and DRM systems used in the project. In the case of HLS streaming, interoperability between the STB, streaming server, encoder, and packager is required.

Interactive TV ecosystem

We understand that it is not easy to put all components together on your own, so why not let Beenius Team help you prepare tailored turnkey solution that would lower your churn rate and attract new viewers!

Contact Beenius representative today for best TV experience of tomorrow!

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