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A trend with today’s users is to favor a well-made User Interface (UI) over the quality of content recommendations. Knowing that this affects user’s inclination to promote an OTT service to the people in their lives should be essential for any operator when considering UI design.

The user interface is the thing they most associate with the interactive service they are using, and the quality of that interface has a dramatic impact on how they feel about that service.

Beenius’ Theme Editor is a web application that enables configuring UI themes for applications from Android STB/TV, Android tablet/smartphone, iOS, and Web App. An operator can set within Theme Editor app his preferences regarding logos, colors, font family as well as multiple languages. Theme Editor gives operators a possibility to develop and deploy themes conveniently and quickly. They can change themes more often, for example, to reflect seasons, holidays, or other special occasions.

It is of paramount importance that the UI leaves the OTT user with a good impression as the quality of that interface determines the quality of the experience they will have when interacting with an OTT service.

Contact Beenius representative if you would like to learn more about Beenius applications and our understanding of UI within OTT Video Services.

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