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How is TV engaging

Television has become an integral part of our living rooms and it is quite difficult to imagine a world without it. Supported by technology development, focus nowadays is on the TV engaging with the viewers, rather than the viewers engaging with the TV. TV today is not only connected to the Internet and your friends but also your smart home’s electronic devices and appliances. What’s more, media centers will soon provide easy access to any live video feeds as well as an extensive archive of series, moves, event recordings, and teaching video content. All of this bring viewers even closer and more connected to their TV set.

Download our industry trend paper ‘’ How is the TV engaging with the viewers?’’ where we elaborate on the above-mentioned idea. 

Additional insights:

  • The integration of TV with the Internet: the app world on your large screen television in the living room
  • Beenius Android Application: provide your TV subscribers with a multi-user interface, T-Commerce, live TV with catch-up, VOD library, content recommendations, etc.
  • Engaging TV: upgrade the traditional TV setting by supporting social engagement.
  • ‘Social Networks Sharing’ feature by Beenius: enable your end-users to share details about the shows they are watching.
  • Gaming
  • Mobile TV: preferred content on second and third devices.
  • Beenius mobile application: deliver the viewer’s preferred content on their mobile phones
  • Service TV: precise modes of commercial communication, mainly tailored toward the interests and preferences of the user.
  • Beenius integration with Advertising Platform: serve targeted advertising in all TV environments, including IPTV, OTT, DVB-T/S/C. 
  • Personal TV tailored toward measuring programming: manage the abundant programs effortlessly
  • Beenius Recommendation System: based on end-users’ previous habits and interests of most-watched live TV channels and most-watched VOD content.

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