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Subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platforms are new to the region. Operators are still building awareness to sign up users to a trial plan before eventually converting them to paid subscriptions, says MPA’s latest report. The report covers markets of Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Most Asian markets are in the first turns of the SVOD online video cycle as the journey for most platforms from platforms from building awareness to generating trial users, and then to finally converting them to regular users, is long and arduous, says the report.

Do you understand your viewers? Do you know how to attract them, and also maintain them as you loyal customers for years?

With Beenius Interactive TV platform operators can offer SVOD and TVOD within different packages. The subscribers can directly purchase a desired package of movies for a limited time or subscribe to a package of movies. Beenius covers all markets with every VOD, SVOD or TVOD customer desire.


The key highlights of Asian viewers’ needs and habits:

  • Telco and pay-TV integration

The importance of bundling and OTT integration deals with telecom and pay-TV operators to drive adoption has emerged as key with most survey respondents indicating that they opted for OTT services via their telco or pay-TV operator. Netflix was an exception, with a high proportion of subscribers indicating that they opted for a direct sign up.

  • NPS in negative territory

Net Promoter Scores or NPS, measure the willingness of customers to recommend a company’s products or services to others, were largely negative in most markets. The exception was Netflix, which received a positive score in four of the six surveyed markets. Users in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia tended to award negative NPS to almost all SVOD-based OTT video service providers. Users in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines appeared to be more positive about OTT video service providers.

With Beenius platform the service provider can build many different business scenarios combining different client apps:

  • IPTV only STBs;
  • IPTV with OTT on mobile devices and PC/MAC computers;
  • OTT only on mobile devices and PC/MAC computers;
  • OTT only on STBs and/or TV;
  • OTT only on TV;
  • OTT on STBs, TV, mobile devices and PC/MAC computers.

With Beenius platform, you will be able to cover all Asian markets demands.

  • Key features

Feature sets that were most often highlighted as being essential to users was the ability to stream online video to TV, followed by the ability to download.

  • Content

The importance of day and date content, particularly Hollywood movies, was reflected in the survey with the genre coming out on top of the list of ‘must have’ genres for a premium SVOD service. This was closely followed by new Korean dramas, new Chinese dramas and new Hollywood series. Sports is also increasingly important.

  • UI /UX and lack of localization

A significant proportion of users indicated that they were unable to locate/find shows in the services – indicating either a lack of content, or limitations of the UI/UX – this, significantly, was highlighted as an issue even for Netflix. A numbers of respondents also indicated that the poor dubbing/subtitling of shows was a concern.

Beenius Interactive TV platform enables that user interface appears in multiple languages defined by operator.  Translated are not only labels (texts) that appear in the UI but also content metadata such as live TV channel names and categories, purchase group title, description, content genres, etc. Even more, different background images, VOD posters, and live TV channel logos can be assigned to different translations, which allows that an image is also changed when an UI language is changed.

  • Pay-TV consumption

In two emerging Asian markets (Thailand, Indonesia) and in Hong Kong, the consumption of pay-TV is trending lower, with streaming/on-demand services accounting for a vast majority of content needs.

  • Piracy

There remains increasing prevalence of pirated STBs. On average, 5-10% of the surveyed base admitted to using a pirate STB to access pay-TV services.

  • Payment mechanisms

In the Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia, the frequent topping up of prepaid credit balances is commonplace; on average, respondents topped up their services over three times a month. This provides insight on how much consumers are willing to pay for SVOD services and potentially supports the case for sachet pricing.

Beenius offers the postpaid as well as the prepaid billing mode. Which one is more suitable for your viewers and how does it work, can be described by Beenius representative – contact us and ask for a demo presentation today.


If you would like to know how Beenius can help you become Viewer”s First Choice also on the Asian market, contact us today!

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