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The vision to empower operators to become Viewers’ First Choice is a guidance for Beenius experts in persuade to offer best TV experience.

Beenius with its multiservice delivery platform provides interactive TV services for IPTV, OTT and Cable providers. The Interactive TV Platform enables viewers to enjoy rich multimedia services at any time and in any place. But at the same time, it enables full management control for the operators. The platform comes with a web-based administration application as well as with SOAP based API for integration with OSS/BSS.

The 4 points of control

1. Subscriber Management
Managing subscribers is crucial, so that operator is always ahead of the game. And for greater personalization, every subscriber can have multiple profiles for different household members. The pay-as-you-grow approach enables operators to start with a moderate number of subscribers and extend the system according to the actual growth of the subscriber base.

2. Device Management
Viewers can enjoy their favorite TV show on a wide range of device from Linux to Android-based STBs, Android-based TV sets, and Android- and iOS-based tablets and smartphones, and on any web browser. Managing number of devices per household doesn’t represent any challenges for the operator. Viewers comfort is ensured through interface customization. In addition to the rich set of available features, operators can easily develop new applications tailored to their needs and market requirements.

3. Content Management
Content management enables operators to increase their revenue by managing video/audio content, applications, different advertising and social features. The platform helps to solve the content discovery issues, with an extensive search and recommendation system. The loyalty of subscribers is built with great content at their fingertips every time they desire media entertainment. With addition of several social features enjoyment is even greater.

4. Subscription & T-Commerce Management
The simple and quick registration via social accounts like Google, Twitter or Facebook greets the viewer when entering the operators’ services. Subscriber management enables operator full control over viewers’ packages and its data. It also gives him the power to assign Freemium subscription or upgrade subscribers to any subscription package. On the other hand, T-Commerce brings additional revenue to the service provider with leveraging platforms ability to upsell or cross-sell content bundles. With the auto-provisioning and OSS/BSS automation platform helps lower operating costs. Watch the video representing Beenius T-Commerce!


Beenius Interactive TV platform provides simple management tools and supports operators to achieve the goal of increased revenue. If you are interested in learning more about Beenius product line, contact us directly.

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