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The risks that an app brings to a device depend on its origins, so the important is to always download the preferred app from the trust worthy source. Most apps come from the Android Market, where Google previews the apps before they become available, which is designed to minimize the risk of downloading a malicious app. But apps with malware have made their way into the Android Market in the past. Be aware that apps that come from third-party websites don’t receive any kind of approval from a trusted, independent source. (read more)

According to the BBC article up to 10 million Android smartphones have been infected by malware that generates fake clicks for adverts. For example, Hummingbad a type of malware known as a rootkit that inserts itself deep inside a phone’s operating system to help it avoid detection and to give its controllers total control over the handset. The ability to control phones remotely has been used to click on ads to make them seem more popular than they actually are. The access has also been used to install fake versions of popular apps or spread programs the gang has been paid to promote.

We should all be more aware about the security and threats that apps are bringing to our devices. Even at Google they are constantly improving their systems so they could detect the malware on time. They actively block installations of infected apps to keep users and their information safe. Google released the latest security update for Android in July 2016 .

If you are aware of the threats then you can be prepare and equipped with the best possible security. What we suggest is to always download Beenius STB & Android TV application or Beenius mobile directly from Google Play store. To upgrade the existing security add one of the Android malware protection apps available on The Android Market .

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