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Beenius Academy offers a great opportunity to receive complete training in a few days from the Beenius team specialists who founded and continue to develop Beesmart technology. Hurry up, because the online courses are taking place from 24 – 28 February!

The online courses, TR-1: Beesmart Installation, Configuration and Administration and TR-3: Beesmart Sales Enablement are perfect for you if you want to know Beesmart middleware advantages and sales details.




TR-1: Beesmart Installation, Configuration and Administration

Benefits for attendant: At the end of the training participants are able to independently install, configure and maintain Beesmart Pro and understand, how Beesmart interacts with the subsystems and what its role inside the IPTV system is.
Targeted Audience: System Administrator, Database Administrator, IPTV Expert, Developer, Application Developer


TR-3: Beesmart Sales Enablement
Benefits for attendant: At the end of the course, participants are able to present Beesmart, explain its role, design and architecture and demonstrate its rich set of features to the customers.
Target Audience: Sales, Pre-Sales, IPTV Experts

Beenius Academy
Take a look: Beenius Academy Leaflet

(registrations are available until February 17)

Please note that the schedule of the ONLINE Beenius Academy training courses schedule may change slightly in order to accommodate the different time zones of the participants.

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